Getting help for those with compulsive sexual behaviour

How sex therapy can help compulsive sexual behaviour

Psychosexual therapy or sex therapy is counselling specifically for those who are having sexual difficulties. Sex can be a difficult subject to talk about, and unfortunately within our culture talking about sexual problems with our family and friends can be taboo (although we are often tempting to let people know when things are going really well). This can often make us feel very isolated and lonely, however, sex therapists are trained counsellors who understand how difficult this can be.

I believe people are capable of making great changes but sometimes a bit of help is needed, and being able to talk openly about what is troubling you is the best place to start. Often people find sex therapy extremely refreshing and a huge relief, as it gives an opportunity to talk about things that we feel we must keep secret. To feel that you are being heard and seen by someone who understands how difficult sex and relationships can be is extremely powerful and brings about great healing.

Sometimes it is important to look at childhood, especially for those who are experiencing compulsive sex and porn issues, or it might be that we concentrate on the here and now if the presenting problem is erectile dysfunction brought on by recent stress. Whatever your circumstances, you will always be met with honesty, compassion and a desire to help you work through your sexual or relationship difficulties.

Sex therapy for CSB explores the purpose of the compulsive behaviour, with the purpose often being about managing stress or other unwanted emotions. As well as exploring what you authentic sexual interests are. The current evidence suggests that shame is a significant in CSB. CSB is used either as a way of managing shameful feelings, or is felt as a result of sexual behaviour. This means that we spend a lot of time looking at shame, but in a safe, non-shaming way.

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